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Glassy becoming fresh SE in the north. Slight push to swell. Good waves on open breaks early. Not big enough for wrapin points. Some 6' sets possible in the south. Weaker North of Columbine, maybe 3-4' at 13 seconds.
Glassy and smoky, with nice little groundswell running 2-3'. Clean and fun early. Strong SE winds expected by day's end.

Light swell and not a lot of hope for the day. General swell expected during the day on open breaks in the south, but probably only 4' there. Guns maybe 1-2' sets. Glassy early. Mod SW later.
(Atlantic side)

Glassy reef options early before a fresh S-SE wind comes through later. A High preparing to ridge behind the low that's south of the country now. The swell has come up slightly. Small to medium pulse running 4-5' at 13-14 seconds. Smooth and fun early. Ripped up later. Could be some bigger sets towards evening. Tomorrow morning expected 6' and frequent swell. The SE blows tomorrow.
(False Bay)

Lekker glassy with light onshore. Fun 1-2' options again, slightly smaller than yesterday but excellent for all longboarders and kelplice.

Slight overcast conditions early with some fog. No real wind to speak of and 2ft waves at the Pipe in early glassy conditions. ~ Etienne

Sorry for the report yesterday. It was another day. If wasn't howling onshore. But there wasn't a lot of swell either. Today a slight push running along open beaches, up to 4' on the set and becoming slightly bigger. Not a lot on the points. Winds glassy leftover Westerly, becoming moderate to fresh S-SE this afternoon in the west, but the SW blows moderate to fresh from Knysna or Plett area onwards. Onshores back tomorrow.

Smooth offshore conditions. Fun but small 1-2' with some 3' sets out of the straight East. Maybe even the occasional 4'. Guys have been reporting surpisingly good surf on occasion over the last couple of days. Big High in the Indian Ocean has been pointing fresh E winds towards the East Coast for a good few days now, out to sea, so it's got a bit of shape when it arrives. Winds are fresh SW in PE today, moderate elsewhere, becoming onshore tomorrow. Clean conditions. Surprise package potential.

Waves picked up yesterday, what a treat. Offshores starting to puff through the night cleaning up the previous days NE, which is a bonus. Bit deep at the moment with a 2-4' E swell pushing through. NE due again today early, but SW on the way. Watch out for nasty bluebottles. Buggers pulled in yesterday, screwing up some potentially good afternoon sessions. If it's anything like yesterday then we are due for some barrels on the outgoing tide later. Still slight E bump on it, but fun surf around 3-4' on open east facing breaks. Big Indian High, which was up to 1028 a day or two ago, has been training E winds straight at the coast, and the swell is coming through regular and consistent and quite lined up, with intervals of 8-9 seconds. Nothing majorly spectacular but fun nonetheless : windswell trying to grow up to be groundswell. The SW looks to blitz through from the south this evening, reaching Durban before midnight and cracking unsettled weather and stiff offshore breeze likely to flatten out the surf after a while. However, could be kif 3' surf early tomorrow at the piers, although points down south won't like it.