The LEGEND K1 is based on the Vadja Supersonic hull design. In adapting this K1 design for our very veried use in South Africa, from sprints, to flat water marathon to river racing, it was necessary to make 11 changes to the K1, mostly above the waterline, because although very well designed, it was not originally designed as a river K1, but an Internationally competitive sprint K1.

Almost all the changes were to adapt the K1 structurally for additional strength and to improve the water displacement for moving water use. THe unique feature that attracted me to this design, was that the hull shape looked fast but so simplistic. I immediately got the impression that the K1 would not only be fast, but stable and it did not look stiff in the water. It is very seldom that a K1 has all three characteristics required to make it a timeless competitive design. The three things, SPEED, STABILITY & MANOUVERABILITY are seldom found in the same craft. You will usually only find two of these characteristics in one boat. If a ski is fast and stable, it is usually not manouverable etc. etc.

The LEGEND has won many top races Internationally, namely the Avon Descent in Australia, (a few times), the Liffy Descent in Ireland and more recently a major race in Japan. Top South African River paddler, Mark Mulder has won our non stop Dusi Marathon on the LEGEND and has been a gold medalist in the Dusi Canoe Mararthon on his LEGEND for the last few years.



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