We have developed a very good quality calf leash for use while paddling in the open ocean. Barry Lewin started to use a “Calf Leash” a year or so ago after watching long board surfers attach their leash to their calf when standing up surfing, allowing them to walk up and down the board while surfing and not tripping over the leash. A coiled calf leash drapes conveniently from your calf down to the foot strap of the ski and you hardly know that you have one on while you are paddling. An ankle leash gets in the way of your feet in the foot well of the ski while paddling and you cannot launch a ski with an ankle leash on or run up the beach at the finish of a race with an ankle leash on. Paddle leashes are very ungainly, hanging in the way and are very distracting dangling from the paddle and bouncing in front of you while you are paddling. Should your paddle get knocked out of your hand out in the open ocean there is nothing attaching you to the craft if you fall off and you could lose both craft and paddle. We have constructed the leash in such a way that it can be uncoupled in three places from either you or the craft in an emergency. They are proving to very popular with local and International customers. The Garmin Forerunner 205 and 305 in the new wrist watch design, suitable for all training and navigation. The 305 has the heart rate monitor feature. Either worn on the wrist or mounted on a craft. Suitable for all training and navigation. The 301 has the heart rate monitor feature. We carry a range of affordable waterproof pouches for car keys and celphones. We are stockists of the full THULE range of roof racks, cycle racks and accessories. Lightweight kayaking jacket that includes a removable 2 litre drinking system. Available in 3 sizes and optional red or orange colour panels.


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