The BULLET single surfski is an advanced top of the range racing single surfski. it is our fastest surfski to date and has producted amazing results both in South Africa and internationally. Used extensively by Barry Lewin in his international campaign and also used by the no1 ultra long distance multisport competitor in South Africa, Dan Hugo. In the prestigious Totalsports challenge in South Africa for the past two years in which he has won comfortably, Dan Hugo has used a BULLET single ski in both the surfski and the canoeing K1 leg of the race. Believing that he is equally as fast in the BULLEt than he would be in a K1.

It is still a very stable and manouverable ski in rough conditions. With a new age hull design that features a long plaining surface in the middle of the ski allowing for sontaneous acceleration, but leaving enough rocker on eitehr end of the ski for surfing and manouverability in moving water.


length: 6.4m     width 44cm


Standard:  glassfibre/polyester/hand lay up                 hull and deck           17.5kgs

Hybrid: carbon/epoxy/vacuum hull/ standard deck                                   14.5kgs

Lite: carbon/epoxy/vacuum                                    hull and deck            12kgs


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