The goal in the design of the HORIZON was for a very stable, user friendly, entry model single ski.

Unlike some ski’s in the market in this category, we want the ski still to be exciting to paddle, not slow, and to cater for a full range of options on size, weight and ability of paddler, and for the aspiring paddler with no prior exposure to paddling at all. We believe that we have achieved this with the HORIZON. Probably the most stable ski available, but fun to paddle and surf. The name? Nervous novices will now be able to expand their “horizons” by, venturing further on this ski, manage bigger surf, paddle for longer without getting tired.


Length: 5.7m  Max width: 48cm


From the nose to the start of the cockpit we have maintained the deep sharp V section of the hull, which does not affect the stability of the ski, but enables the paddler to maintain maximum speeds into a head wind, and cut through chop onto runs and waves very easily. the back half of the hull is flat to the tail, giving maximum stability and great surfability.

Cockpit The cockpit is completely different to any ski we have developed before. We do not want to exclude any size, height or weight of paddler from being able to use the ski. The seat is very deep and opens out for the widest waist at the rails. It tapers to the bottom, centering smaller paddlers so that they do not float around in the seat. The tracking on the sides is now mounted vertically to make room for a wider foot push plate to accommodate any size feet. The length of tracking is 40cm, (most other ski’s are 30cm). This should not exclude any leg length of paddler from paddling the ski comfortably. Another unique feature of the HORIZON is the very easy method of altering the leg length. it can be done in the water in seconds without any assistance from a second paddler or any tools.

 We export the HORIZON to 14 different countries and it has been our most successful product to date. The ski is used widely in the racing. recreational and kayaking school market. Surfski schools along the South African Coast and in a number of kayaking schools internationally all use the HORIZON single surfski.

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