FOCUS - (New intermediate single surfski)

Full features of this new far reaching design is detailed below.


Length: 6.4m  (Same length as all the elite racing ski's)

Width: 44.5cm (at the widest point in the centre of the cockpit)

height: 35cm (at the highest point of the bow in front of the cockpit)


STANDARD: Polyester glass hand lay up deck and hull                        17.5kgs

HYBRID: Polyester glass hand lay up deck/ vacuum epoxy carbon hull   14.5kgs

LITE: Full vacuum moulded carbon fibre eopxy hull and deck               12kgs

The FOCUS single surfski was aimed at the paddler that has spent some time on shorter entry level surfski's and now wants to move up into competitive levels of racing or fitness. The same length and profile as the top elite racing surfski's, but as userfriendly as possible. The ski was also meant to serve a range of paddler just off the elite level that wants to be competitive in all conditions. A number of features were introduced to assist with these requirements. In reducing the height volume (lowering the gunwals) , and thinning out the nose and tail of the ski, the surprising effect is that the ski is also now faster than its predecessor. The result is a surfski that spans the full range of intermediate paddler, from just off beginner to just off elite level. There are excelent examples of paddlers using the ski on both ends of the scale. See pictures and youtube interview preview on the face book page)

Below is a picture of Patrick Elly, a grand master paddler over the age of 60yrs paddling and winning his age group for the first time on a FOCUS.

Photo: Photo by Graham at Facebook Page Graham-Topfoto.  Copyright / All Rights Reserved If you like like my pictures please LIKE my Page. Thanks! 

Below is a picture of Paul Jensen finishing a competitive race in his first season racing in the top A grade division just below the elite level on a FOCUS.


There are plenty of testimonies on our face book page from paddlers that are experiencing the incredible surfability and versatility of the FOCUS.

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