TITAN 2 (Adjustable Lifesaving spec ski)

New adjustable version of the TITAN single spec ski, with a new shaped deck. See full features below.

Cover photo

Above picture of 2 under 16 juniors mastering masive surf on the TITAN 2.


The sitting position has been changed to make you feel like you are sitting in the seat and not on top of the seat. This has the effect of making the craft more stable. The slight change in angle of the forward tilted sitting position gives you a confident strong paddling angle.

The adjustable foot well tracking is 40cm long. (most other skis are 30cm). this gives you a range from as tall as myself at 6'10" right down to a 13-14 year old that has just come up from the nipper ranks.

This range and the ease of changing the setting on the waters edge within seconds without any tools, makes it a coaches dram. It can be changed in the water. The TITAN 2 is presently being used by the majority of the lifesaving clubs in South Africa.

The deck shape has been changed to a higher V shaped bridge in front of the paddle to improve water displacement, away from the foot well area and strengthen the deck area in general.

The original fast hull shape of the TITAN that has won a number of National titles has been retained. Together with the adjustable foot well area that allows the paddler a full leg drive and easy jump start makes this still a very competitive surfski. The national masters championship in all the various age groups was won on the TITAN 2.

The picture below is of Cape Twon - Fishoek lady paddler Jeanie Topless totally at home in the huge Cape Surf on the TITAN 2.

Photo: A narrow escape at the 8 Man Classic by the FH ladies team in ski relay with Jeanne just making it over. Photo by Tucks.

There are lots of great photographs and reports on our face book page and in the "Marks Diary", on the website to endorse this surfski.

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