Apex 2

Background: It has been seven years since the MARK 2 double and the Fenn double ski entered the market. Both have done remarkably well.

 Very few other double ski’s have been introduced into the market during this time that have sold in large quantities or have proved to be that popular. We wanted to introduce a ski that for the top paddlers would run much faster down wind than before and for the novices that have not mastered bigger conditions, a ski that would not wallow and become tippy in unstable conditions.


Length: 7.5m   Maximum width: 48cm


Standard: glassfibre/polyester resin/hand lay up    deck and hull       27kgs

Hybrid: carbon/epoxy/vacuum hull/hand lay up standard deck         23kgs

Lite:     carbon/epoxy/vacuum hull and deck                                19kgs     


 The entire back volume of the ski is substantially fuller and higher than the MARK 2 (more so than any other present design). The tail shape is now the reverse v shape which we have found to be so successful in both our TITAN and MENTOR single ski’s. This improves turning, surfing and prevents swamping of the back deck as the rear of the ski does not want to submerge. and pops out immediately if submerged. (Very efficient water shedding).

The entire back half of the ski is much wider and flatter across the bottom of the ski, making it very stable. The cockpits are both fully adjustable, with a very expansive range of 40cm.(all other manufacturers are 30cm). This makes the ski suitable in both front and back cockpits for a large or tall paddler with very long legs, right down to a 12 year old. We looked very closely at improving the strength and stiffness of the ski. We introduced a Y shaped strengthening rib in the front deck and the result has been that we have seen very little structural damage incurring when the ski’s have been hammered into sand banks or dumped in shore breaks.

The APEX 2 is very popular for both open ocean racing and with surf lifesaving clubs because of its wide range of use and surfability. Age group national titles in all age groups and catagories have been won on the APEX 2. On our face book page there is a You tube clip of Barry and Mark Lewin filmed recording surfing a wave during a cyclone at 68.8km per hour on the APEX 2 surfski.

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